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Address :
8 Mukuolu Street,
Anthony village, Lagos.

ADIC Insurance

Founded by Professor J.O. Irukwu in 1989, ADIC Insurance Limited is a composite insurance company duly licensed to underwrite all classes and volumes of general insurance and life businesses.

The company which was originally registered as African Development Insurance Company became ADIC Insurance Limited in October, 2006, after Diamond Bank, a leading Nigerian financial services provider acquired 96% equity stake in August, 2006.

With its headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria and a history dating back to over two (2) decades, ADIC insurance has become one of the nation’s leading distributors of diversified insurance products and services and has contributed significantly to the growth and development of the insurance industry in Nigeria.

They offer car insurance, burglary insurance, fire insurance, health insurance, life insurance, workmanship insurance workmen’s compensation insurance, Home insurance, builders liability insurance, construction all risk insurance, occupiers liability, employer liability(group life), Employer liability (workmen’s compensation), health professional indemnity, motor insurance, all risk policy, aviation hull and liability insurance, contingency insurance, fidelity insurance, machinery insurance, money insurance, product liability insurance, professional indemnity insurance, public. They are arguable one of the best in the country.


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